Portable line boring

On-site portable line boring

Line boring is a common technique used on large structures such as harbour cranes. It is a
machining technique used to enlarge an existing hole. A hole may be
worn-out for example, making that part of the crane non-functional. We can carry out this kind of work while modernising or repairing the harbour crane.

Line boring using a unique welding method

In cooperation with welding engineers, Liftcom has developed a welding method that allows welding up shaft holes with a welding robot in outdoor locations without using mixed gas. A major advantage over electrodes is that welding in can be performed faster, better and smoother. Moreover, weather influences, such as wind and rain, play a smaller role when using this welding method.

We can apply the following line boring techniques:

The benefits of our services

How do we proceed with line boring?

1 – Determining the desired size of the hole to be bored;
2 – Setting up the portable line boring drill tool;
3 – Broach the existing hole.

Video of a realized project

Curious about the possibilities?

Liftcom is a specialist in service for harbour cranes. Besides our line boring services, we specialise in maintenance, modernisation, inspection and repair of harbour cranes of all types and brands. Feel free to contact us by phone on +31 (0)181 613 101 or via the contact form.

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