Port Crane Repairs

Damage, accident repair and replacement

Damage repair

Damage has to be repaired as soon as possible – we understand that. That’s why we have a worldwide network of experienced technicians and guarantee a very rapid response time. Wherever the location is! We minimise process downtime as far as possible. Liftcom is well known to environmental authorities as well as indemnification organisations and international insurers.

Accidental recovery

Accident recovery consists mainly of two phases:

Thorough investigation
First, we assess the damage and provide temporary reinforcement and strengthening to stabilise the equipment and prevent further damage. After that, recovery operations are started.

Recovery and repair
The repair proposals are submitted to the insurance companies and port authorities for approval. Subsequently, the repairs are carried out so that full operations can quickly be resumed.

Repair and Replacement

Our extremely well-equipped overhaul and repair workshop and parts warehouse is run by specialist mechanics. Every part or module that leaves our workshop is returned to you in perfect condition – guaranteed!

Customers supply us with the parts for the overhaul, from gearboxes and discs to complete spreaders and cabins. But you can also choose to have everything taken care of, with our turn-key service. Liftcom can inspect the port crane on site and arrange transport to the overhaul workshop. If necessary, the crane can remain mobile or fully operational, because Liftcom rents out complete modules.

In addition to normal preventive and corrective maintenance, essential components and modules require a thorough overhaul after a while. Our mechanics have extensive knowledge of each crane component and know the standards and specifications. They are familiar with the specific characteristics of the company and the technical history of the equipment. The component to be overhauled is disassembled down to the smallest piece and all the necessary parts are blasted and coated. After the overhaul, the component is in a completely new condition. An overhaul can be preceded by an inspection on site.

Many customers prefer Liftcom to overhaul complete gearboxes, spreaders and headframes. This is logical, because it guarantees the reliable and safe installation of the crane. On request, Liftcom can provide replacements to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Liftcom has a spare parts distribution warehouse in Rotterdam Europort to store and distribute spare parts for all major crane brands.

Liftcom’s Parts Centre specialists produce parts for machines that are no longer in production. We have access to many original drawings from manufacturers which give us all the technical back-up we need to produce whatever you want. And, of course, our Engineering Department can design and draw parts as well.

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