Port Crane Maintenance

Equipment must always work

Every terminal operator will agree with us: equipment must always work, without malfunction or downtime, no matter how extreme the conditions. Our technicians carry out maintenance and repair work on all components. Whether on the quay, in the yard or at the site. We specialise in the maintenance of mechanical parts, such as gearboxes, bearings and wheel discs, as well as electrical installations, such as hv-installations, drives, motors and brakes. The mechanics can also carry out structural welding, boring and assembly work. In addition, our own Engineering Department makes calculations and drawings to carry out repair and modernisation work.

Smart maintenance program

Prevention is better than cure, maintenance is better than repair. Our reliable Liftcom maintenance programme provides an efficient and organised (so, cost-saving) digital approach. In the CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) all aspects of the maintenance schedule are mapped and registered. The software program tracks and orders spare parts, creates an up-to-date personnel schedule, records repair work, enters tasks and generates extensive reports. It simplifies the work and not only saves time, but also increases productivity. With this system, you don’t miss a thing anymore!

Prevention by continuous replacement

In order to work with fault-free container cranes, it is important to replace crane components continuously on a preventive basis. Before components can fail or develop a defect, they are already replaced at predetermined and planned times.

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