Port Crane Inspections

Equipment must always work

Besides maintenance, Liftcom can also perform various types of inspections on all types of port cranes. This can be done on the quay, but also in the yard or at the site.

Equipment Inspection

Our technicians are 100% mobile and fully equipped with all the equipment that is or could be required. Standard inspections are carried out by means of testing, visual inspection, thermographic and endoscopic examination and sampling. In addition, of course, the history is examined and we interview those involved. This way, we can carry out planned examinations on time and with the help of inspection and maintenance reports that are always up-to-date. This means that you reduce the chance of malfunction or downtime by taking a preventive approach.

Operational reliability inspection

By checking the maintenance status and performing preventive maintenance, we ensure not only the operational security of port equipment, but also the safety of the people working in the vicinity of the equipment.

Lifetime Assessments

Continuous inspection schedules prevent premature equipment expiry. We carry out large-scale investigations and analyses, which result in recommendations for overhaul and upgrading.

Remaining life inspection

For financing and to meet insurance requirements, we carry out appraisals and troubleshooting to assess the structural, mechanical, electrical and software state of affairs.

Third Party Inspection

Are you looking for a procurement consultant for cranes and port equipment? We will perfect your specifications, provide a system for tenders, advise you on the latest new technology and offer support with valuations and negotiations.

This is what you can count on:

  • Design review with conclusion and technically substantiated advice
  • Comprehensive verification programme with regard to life-long data and knowledge management
  • Standardised data specification
  • Centralised storage of all data (in the interests of both the manufacturer and the terminal)
  • Design review
  • Thorough analysis of production plans and drawings, preventing errors and poor design details
  • Due to the good relationship with manufacturers, Liftcom provides a structural analysis for new crane designs, ensuring the implementation of customer-specific requirements.


Drone inspections: low-risk and complete

Our experienced crane engineers, who have been trained as drone pilots, carry out drone inspections. With a drone inspection parts of the cranes can be inspected that are not visible with the naked eye. In addition, working with drones is advantageous from an environmental and safety point of view. There is no need to hire expensive high-risk machines such as boom lifts and cranes!

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