About us

We raise production to the higher level

Our home base may be in the port of Rotterdam, but our specialised technicians and engineers work worldwide. You always want to be assured of good quality equipment; you have to be able to rely on it. After all, it’s about your operational security; downtime means loss.

We engineer, draw, calculate, design, inspect, maintain, repair, sell, relocate and improve port equipment. And we do this for virtually all brands and components, so we work completely independently. And this way we guarantee that you will get the best solution for your company.

Do you want your maintenance staff, whether they are engineers or managers, to be able to deal with certain matters themselves? Then we will be happy to train and coach them.

To put it in modern terms: we are a one-stop shop. In Rotterdam, we simply say: everything at one address, so convenient.

Active worldwide

Our (borderless) continental business and client base. Advises engineers for lifting and heavy industrial equipment from our base in Rotterdam, the centre of the European marine trade. We specialise in independent structural advice and fundamental design of steel and mechanical structures, based on years of experience. We also advise in the field of operating and mechanical structures.

Higher production? We can help!

Liftcom’s focus is on engineering, training and maintenance, repair, sales and modernisation of port cranes. We work independently and are familiar with both smaller and larger global brands and systems (Kalmar, Liebherr, Doosan, Paceco and ZPMC, ABB and Siemens).

Our experienced engineers come on site to carry out procedures on operational equipment. These include load testing, periodic examination, life cycle analyses, accident recovery and overhaul. In addition, we know that the need for increased productivity continually drives growth and innovation within the container handling industry. We are up to date with the latest developments, which enables us to contribute to increased productivity through the right design, construction, installation and maintenance.